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Top 100 Best April Fool Jokes – April Fools Pranks (Make Fun of Your Friends)

Here is the list of 2017 100 Best April Fool Jokes – April Fools Pranks – April Fools SMS : We have collected Best Quotes and SMS for you…

1. Cheese is Cheese, Butter is butter, if you forget me, i will throw you in G U T T E R!

2. i’m idiot, i’m fool i am fool ok good enough COOL I AGREE YOUR fool now please manipulate yourself…

3. whilst you want to idiot the world, inform the fact.

4. you believe you studied i am a fool, but you’re a extra idiot than i am.

five. i’m cool but your idiot.

6. fool a tremendous friend like you on April fool Day? by no means! Press F13 in your keyboard if your agree with me my buddy 🙂

6. let’s examine how smart your read this line, loof m’I

7. reality 1: You cannot contact your lower lip together with your tongue.reality 2: After reading this, 99/100 idiots could attempt it.

8.Watch AAJ TAK information Hurry!!! India is chosen for fantastic eight because Srilankan players were given stuck in drug check! stupid April idiot!

9. simply near your eyes and think about yourself for 10 seconds.Open your eyes. Now you may comprehend that you have wasted 10 seconds taking into account a idiot.

10. wish you a completely satisfied April fool Day!


11. Have fun April idiot Day my friend!

12. Yeah! it is April idiot Day!

thirteen. Congratulation these days is your day!

14. satisfied birthday to you, because you’re born for these days!

15. these days is your day! glad April fool Day!

sixteen. taking into account you in this day, as it’s your day!

17. To the largest fool I know, happy April idiot Day!

18. if you’re now not idiot then press F13

19. no one likes you April Fools!
20. 1000 VIRUS DETECTED! when you switch your cellphone off it may not paintings again!

whats up, good information!
you are going to Australia

don’t worry the flight is after 1 hour.
today is 1st April and your 1st fool of 2015

22. region a bottle of liquid dish soap into the toilet tank. the subsequent man or woman to flush the rest room could be greeted with an amazing quantity of bubbles…

23. thirty first March or 1st April idiot is fool does not be counted. Wishing very satisfied, wealthy and glad April fool Day to the King of Fools!

100 Best April Fool Jokes


best april fool jokes

Best April Fool Jokes

Q: what’s going to be the girl’s name born on 1st of APRIL?
I may additionally forget to desire you on Diwali, Christmas or even New 12 months;
however i am very thankful to God that I don’t forget and wish you on a very unique day intended for human beings like you.
satisfied April idiot!

If humans say you are crazy, be patient;
If they are saying you are a moron, loosen up;
If they are saying you’re stupid, be cool;
however if they are saying you’re clever, then slap those silly humans.
glad All Fools’ Day!
Do you recognize which is the satisfactory day to advocate a female?
it’s today! on 1st April…
you realize why?
If she accept its your luck otherwise simply tell April idiot didi.

a person missing you badly,
needs you very plenty,
worries approximately you,
Lonely without you,
guess who?
for your existence, when you wake up & don’t see any one, then come to me, I’ll be there to keep your hand & take you to the attention specialist!

A : Your attractive
B : Your the nice
C : Your adorable
D : Your pricey to Me
E : Your first-rate
F : Your funny
G : Your 8504ca0e3fb5bfcdbdf1e8263f0c30ef
H : He He He……..
I : I’m
glad April fool Day!

Your female friend is:
In brief she is your S.I.S.T.E.R.
you’re one of the maximum adorable persons in the global!
just a 2d, don’t misunderstand.
lovely approach:
C: creating
U: useless
T: issues
E: everywhere
glad April fool Day

expensive buddy, i am surprised at your wit, your mind, your know-how and your know-how. but extra importantly, i am surprised at my false reward of you!
happy All Fools’ day!


i’m a idiot;
i’m a fool;
i am a idiot;
i am a fool;
i am a idiot;
i am a idiot;
adequate good enough Cool; I agree U, are a idiot. Now manipulate yourself.
glad April idiot!
long time ago, most effective fools used to study my sms, and these days



the history maintains.
glad All Fools’ Day!

If nowadays someone compliments you to your:
Please give a difficult slap to that man or woman.
He has no proper to fool you on April 1st.

you are a B. I. T. C. H.
are you smiling now?

Kindly open this message at the 1st of subsequent month. I know you cannot wait so receive my settlement for being the first fool of this year.
happy All Fools’ Day!

April Fool SMS 2017

I Accept April Fool's Funny Cartoon



What is the difference between a wise & a fool?
A wise sends SMS & a fool keeps reading them. How many times have you read my messages? Happy April Fool!

Earth may stop rotating;
Birds may stop flying;
Candles may stop melting;
And hearts may stop beating.
But your brain will never start working. ‘April Fool Day’ was meant just for people like you!

April Fool is a very special day because you can lie as much as you can. Every prank is heartily accepted & no complaint shall ever be made!
Today is April Fool’s Day.
Believe nothing and trust no one.
Just like any other day.

44. Relationships are precious, do not hurt them by fooling and lying on April days / April Fool.

45. This is the day upon which we are reminded of what we are on the other three hundred and sixty four days.
– Mark Twain

46. Mix a little foolishness with your prudence. It’s good to be silly at the right moment.
– Horace

47. Hey friend today is your day. So wishing you happy returns of the day…

48. April Fools day is just representing what really we are on other 355 days.

49. If you wish to avoid seeing a fool you must first break your looking glasses.

Best April Fool Jokes SMS

Best) April fool Jokes, Pranks

50. change Your Birthday to April 1. So that each one wish you as a idiot and earlier than going to sleep inform that they’re the actual fools.

51. nowadays’s idea: No man or women can contact the lower lip together with his tongue.

52. the entirety is humorous so long as it’s miles going on to anyone else.

fifty three. you can usually inform a real friend whilst you’ve made a fool of yourself he doesn’t feel you have performed a permanent activity.

54. Don’t harm your shy pals via fooling them. you can lose them.

55. i am fool, i’m a idiot, i’m the most important fools, i’m the world’s quality fool. ok good enough chill out. I agree that you are the best fool.

fifty six. Is quitting drinking these days…. April Fools!

fifty seven. in case you don’t need to see an April idiot on april 1st, simply smash down all mirrors on your private home on march 31.
fifty eight. fool me as soon as, shame on you… fool me twice, disgrace on me.

59. Relationships are treasured, do now not harm them via fooling and lying on first April.

60. while you want to fool the world, inform the truth.

61. extraterrestrial beings have contacted the Earth, watch the information and see it.

sixty two. it’s far higher to keep your mouth closed and let human beings assume you are a idiot than to open it and take away all doubt.

63. Relationships are precious, do now not hurt them through fooling and lying on first April.

64. idiot me as soon as, disgrace on you… fool me two times, disgrace on me.

sixty five. Relationships are valuable, do not hurt them by using fooling and mendacity on first April.

66. in case you don’t need to see an April fool on april 1st, just wreck down all mirrors on your property on march 31.

sixty seven. APRILS FOOLS DAY, so these days is both going to end with me laughing or in custody 😀

sixty eight. For anyone who desires now not to get stuck out on an April idiot on facebook press F13.

69. Believes there may be a totally massive distinction among fooling someone, and creating a idiot of a person… pick out wisely these days

Funny April Fool SMS

70. What if April fools day would not really exist and its simply the longest prank in records?

seventy one. simply letting you all realize i am getting married on the 1st of April and you’re all invited!

72. i am hoping life isn’t a large joke, due to the fact I don’t get it.

73. April Fools long gone beyond, and your the biggest idiot at last.

74. these days is April Fools Day. consider not anything, and accept as true with nobody… So it’s like every other day. right!

seventy five. hiya that’s the satisfactory day to advocate a female! Its APRIL 1ST! If she accepts its your luck and otherwise simply Say APRIL idiot!

76. This yr’s largest April Fools comic story is delivered to you by mother Nature. “here’s some heat climate, April Fools.
seventy seven. The cat’s out of the bag — i was one of the Mega hundreds of thousands jackpot winners. And no, I’m now not sharing…

seventy eight. Sorry peeps, but I’ve had it with facebook. I’m shutting my account off for properly at the quit of the day.

April idiot’s Day theory / foundation / records (five information)

(1). Biblical theory: The origin of April idiot’s Day dates back to Bible days whilst the history of these days become first recorded.

(2). Roman Origins: Pranks and mischief played upon people on 1 April also dates lower back to historical Roman instances.

(three). alternate from Julian to Gregorian Calendar: every other idea attributes the starting place of April fool’s Day to the alternate from Julian to Gregorian calendar.
(four). British Folklore: As according to every other folklore from British subculture, the thirteenth century King used to declare every avenue he walked as public assets.

(5). forestall at 12 noon: April idiot’s Day is characterised with a renewal festival celebrated via most cultures around the arena along with the give up of iciness and the beginning of spring.

however did you realize that in line with tradition, the time for pranks and jokes must stop at 12 midday on 1 April?

eighty. just a pleasant reminder – Relationships are valuable, do not harm them by fooling and lying on first April / April fool.

1st April Fool Jokes SMS / Text / Messages


eighty one.  31st March Or 1st April fool is fool does not matter. Wishing very happy, prosperous and pleased fool Day to the King of Fools 🙂

82. never chance your coronary heart to a fool, for in case you do you’ll absolutely become one.

83. OMG. i’m able to’t agree with I’m getting my own fact display.

84. you can always tell a actual friend: while you’ve made a fool of yourself he doesn’t feel you’ve executed a everlasting process
eighty five. a day will come when the world will celebrate your name, your reputation, your persona and your perspectives. however April fool comes as soon as in a yr and that your day.

Sardar got into a bus on 1st April
while conductor requested for price ticket.
He gave Rs.10/-
and took the ticket and stated April fool.
i have pass.

Fact1: You cannot touch
your decrease lip together with your tongue…

Fact2: After studying this,
ninety nine/one hundred idiots could try it

88. the sector is complete of fools; and he who would now not wish to look one, must now not most effective close himself up alone, however have to additionally ruin his searching-glass.

89. whilst you need to idiot the world, tell the truth.
Your female friend is:
extremely good.

In quick i’m your S.I.S.T.E.R. 😀

Happy April fools day


91. a person…
needs You…
concerns about You…
Lonely with out You…
bet Who?
… THE ZOO …ninety two.
This is not SMS, it is simply an April idiot Trick,
place a bottle of liquid dish soap into the bathroom tank.
the next man or woman to flush the toilet might be greeted,
with an overwhelming quantity of bubbles.93.
there will come an afternoon …
while anyone will, have a good time:
YOUR call
YOUR reputation
YOUR character
YOUR mind
YOUR views
but hold in thoughts idiot comes once a yr…94.
only a pleasant reminder on the innocent –
Relationships are valuable,
no longer hurt them with the aid of deceiving
and mendacity on first April / Innocents.
New yr, new fools.
however how can we forget about the old fools such as you.
it’s miles a highlight for you now.
Have a unique day rocking!96.
A recent study has shown that
Fools use your thumb at the same time as studying SMS.
Now it’s miles too past due,
now not try and exchange her finger!
attempt taking a few other idiot!ninety seven.
today, day after today and always
may be one heart
That there might always beat for you.
you realize that ???
His personal silly98.
If human beings say your stupid, be affected person.
If they say your monkey, loosen up.
If they are saying your stupid, be cool
however if they say your cool, exceptional…
slap that ass hollow,  your now not born to concentrate his jokes…
given that I’ve met you,
I’ve observed that a friend such as you is a million dollars…
So if you do no longer thoughts.
am i able to promote…a hundred. you could idiot a number of the human beings all of the time, and people are the ones you need to pay attention on 😉 :P101. it’s miles higher to keep your mouth closed and allow humans assume you’re a fool than to open it and get rid of all doubt.102. If I make a idiot of myself, who cares? i am not apprehensive via all people’s belief of me.103. you can usually tell a real buddy: whilst you’ve made a idiot of your self he would not sense you’ve achieved a everlasting task. :-)104. whilst you need to idiot the arena, tell the fact.
a hundred and five. a wise guy can study greater from a foolish question than a idiot can learn from a smart answer.106.  sure, it’s real. we’re packing up and shifting returned to (Insert preceding state call right here). we’re going to omit everybody a lot!107. The cat’s out of the bag — i was one of the Mega millions jackpot winners. And no, i’m now not sharing.108. OMG. I can not trust i am getting my personal fact display.109. Sorry peeps, however i’ve had it with fb. i am shutting my account off for exact at the give up of the day.a hundred and ten. I knew all that tough paintings on the health club might repay — my size 2 jeans in shape again! — (Be prepared to benefit a few haters with that one.)111. Ahhh! Did all and sundry else get the e-mail approximately them canceling faculty subsequent week?”112.
fact 1: You cannot touch
your both lips with your tongue
fact 2: After analyzing this,
99/100 idiots might attempt it
Your the most adorable individuals within the global!
only a second, don’t misunderstand.lovable way:
Love is blind
I agreed that love is blind
because when I kiss you
My eyes robotically were given closeda hundred and fifteen.
men attain their sexual top at eighteen.
women reach theirs at thirty-5.
Do you get the feeling that God is playing a sensible comic story?

Please open this..
after two days on Wednesday.

I realize you could’t wait.
So Congrats.
you are the 1st fool of 2015.
satisfied April fool in advance..
“you can idiot all the people some of the time,
and some of the people all the time,
but you cannot idiot all of the humans all of the time.”

118. A idiot can be known by using six matters: anger without purpose; speech with out profit; change with out development; inquiry with out object; setting trust in a stranger; and mistaking foes for friends.

119. Don’t approach a goat from the the front, a horse from the returned, or a fool from any side.

a hundred and twenty.
April 1st that is the day upon which we are
reminded of what we’re on the
other three hundred and sixty-four.


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